Melody Neumann

faculty_img Academic Title: Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Campus: St. George

CSB Appointment: Full

Primary Undergraduate Department:
Cell & Systems Biology

Graduate Programs:
Cell & Systems Biology
Developmental Biology

Titles and Honors:
Academic or Administrative Appointments:
Ph.D. University of Sydney Australia 2000
M.Sc. University of British Columbia 1994


Mailing Address
Department of Cell & Systems Biology
University of Toronto
25 Harbord St.
Toronto, ON M5S 3G5


Contact Information
Office phone: 416-978-5551
Office: RW206C 
Lab: BIO130/230/255/CSB349
Lab phone:


Research Areas



At the departmental level, my research is focussed on developing and evaluating methods to improve undergraduate learning in cell and molecular biology. I am interested in using innovative and evidence-based teaching practices in my courses. Some examples include: development of online, hybrid, and ‘inverted’ classes based on peer-reviewed and evidence-based practices; the creation of animations for complex cellular mechanisms; effective use of clickers and Instant Feedback Assessment Testing (IFAT); team-based learning methodologies; assignments and tools to help students improve written and oral communication skills; and investigative labs using modern technologies and current research questions. I am involved in pedagogical research with faculty in Chemistry, Physics, Centre for the Environment, Geology, and Human Biology, which is used to inform the wider UofT community about teaching in the sciences. Most recently, we have been studying student and instructor uses/expectations of use of textbooks in science courses. I am also interested in improving the teaching of biology across Ontario and together with colleagues at various institutions (through the Ontario Consortium of Undergraduate Biology Educators or oCUBE) regularly share and disseminate innovative and evidence-based teaching practices and research. oCUBE members also work on multi-institutional research related to teaching biology.





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