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Molecular Networks of the Cell

Focus students are required to:

  1. complete a subset of related program courses
  2. participate in a learning community for the focus

Course offerings include: Techniques in Molecular and Cell Biology; Neurobiology of the Synapse; Extracellular Matrix Dynamics and Associated Pathologies; Advanced Cell Biology; Introduction to Plant-Microbe Interactions; Drosophila as a Model in Cancer Research; Cytoskeletal Networks of the Cell; Germ Cell Biology; Regulatory Networks and Systems in Molecular Biology; Epigenetics; Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Plant Signal Transduction; Plant Metabolomics.

Please check the Arts & Science Calendar for program requirements: https://artsci.calendar.utoronto.ca/section/Cell-and-Systems-Biology

The learning community:

  • appears on the co-curricular record based on student participation
  • is lead by a CSB faculty member with guest faculty
  • meets six times per year
  • provides community-building, professional development (e.g. discussions about how to acquire a research position) and enriched academics (e.g. round table discussions of research papers and topics learned in class)
  • draws students from both the major and specialist into one group
  • student participation in the learning community is required for each year of enrolment in the focus (each student will typically participate in the learning community for 3 years, allowing for student mentoring and multi-year interactions)

Learning community led by Prof Tony Harris, an expert in cell biology of the Drosophila embryo (see video interview), Prof John Calarco, an expert in gene regulation by splicing in the C. elegans nervous system, Prof Sergey Plotnikov, an expert in cytoskeletal networks and mammalian cell migration, and Prof Arneet Satzman, an expert in epigenetics and chromosome regulations in C. elegans.

Application form

  • application deadline:
    September 8, 2024

Once accepted, we will notify you and enroll you into the program.