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Course offerings include: Techniques in Molecular and Cell Biology; Neurobiology of the Synapse; Extracellular Matrix Dynamics and Associated Pathologies; Advanced Cell Biology I: Cellular Dynamics During Development; Introduction to Plant-Microbe Interactions; Drosophila as a Model in Cancer Research; Advanced Cell Biology II: Cell Polarity and Cytoskeletal Dynamics; Germ Cell Biology; Regulatory Networks and Systems in Molecular Biology; Epigenetics; Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Plant Signal Transduction; Plant Metabolomics

Learning community led by Prof Tony Harris, an expert in molecular organization and cell biology of the Drosophila embryo (see video interview).

Apply by completing the application form (will be available in summer 2021) and emailing it to: molecular.network@utoronto.ca

  • application deadline:
    September 16, 2020