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Program Information

Course offerings include: Plant Development; Laboratory in Molecular Plant Biology; Bioinformatic Methods; Introduction to Plant-Microbe Interactions; Regulatory Networks and Systems in Molecular Biology; Proteomics in Systems Biology; Molecular Plant-Microorganism Interactions; Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Plant Signal Transduction; Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics; Chemical Genomics; Methods in Genomics and Proteomics; Plant Metabolomics

Learning community led by Prof Keiko Yoshioka, an expert in signal transduction and stress responses in plants, and Prof. Heather McFarlane, an expert in plant cell biology and plant cell walls.

Apply by completing the application form (will be available in summer 2021) and emailing it to: plant.biotech@utoronto.ca

  • application deadline:
    September 16, 2020