We offer 45 courses covering topics such as endocrine physiology, introductory virology, cell adhesion and migration, bioinformatics methods and plant-microorganism interactions. Our foundation courses in cell, molecular and developmental biology, and physiology provide fundamental concepts in each area along with essential skills in modern laboratory techniques.

DNA helix surrounded by image of model organisms studied at Cell & Systems Biology: mice, flies, worms, plants, bacteria and viruses

Undergraduate Programs

Core programs in Animal Physiology and Cell & Molecular Biology.

Undergraduate Courses

Fundamental concepts and lab techniques in cell and systems biology.

What’s Happening at CSB


Undergraduate researchers reveal exciting project results at year-end poster session to earn F Michael Barrett Award

On Friday, April 5th, 2024 students from the CSB497, 498 and 499 independent research programs presented their project results in a poster session…

Appreciative students present award for teaching to Professor Kenneth Yip

Prof Kenneth Yip and Farida Kayed, ASSU Executive Professor Kenneth Yip applies a visible passion to his teaching and shows genuine concern for his…

EPIC Future Leaders Prize for Dr Jonathan Burnie’s virology research

Dr Jonathan Burnie has earned the EPIC Future Leaders Prize from the Emerging & Pandemic Infections Consortium. Dr Burnie is a graduate from the…

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Janet Mannone

Undergraduate Coordinator

Our goal is to create an environment for CSB students that is supportive and welcoming. My role is to facilitate their education and to help make their experience here a rewarding one.

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