Prestigious National Award for CSB PhD Graduate Navroop Dhaliwal

Congratulations to recent CSB graduate Navroop Dhaliwal, for receiving the Graduate Student Research Prize from the Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs.

Dr Dhaliwal's research in Professor Mitchell's laboratory provided a significant new insight into the very first steps taken by stem cells when they exit the pluripotent state in order to become more specialized cells.

Dr Dhaliwal and Prof Mitchell discussed the professional outcomes of this award-winning research. Dr Dhaliwal reveals that her publication "really impressed employers and led to me being approached and interviewed for postdoctoral studies.” Professor Mitchell describes Dr Dhaliwal as "an incredibly talented and insightful cellular and molecular biologist who established critical new techniques while also training others on those techniques."  

Congratulations, Navroop!

U of T students raise more than $10,000 for hotdog vendor with GoFundMe

When David Wosnick saw photos online of a hotdog vendor's cart up in flames outside Robarts Library Sunday night, he knew he had to do something to help.

Wosnick started a GoFundMe campaign to get a new cart for the vendor, and then walked through the ice storm to Robarts to check up on him. Within hours, the campaign had raised $700 and by the next day had exceeded Wosnick's $5,000 goal. By mid-week, students from across the university and the public at large raised more than $10,000.

"I saw the photo [of the cart on fire] and I felt someone was in need,” says Wosnick, a first-year master's student in cell and systems biology. “My heart went out to him, and so I started the GoFundMe campaign.”......."full article link"