Students in CSB397, 497, 498, 499 and the Research Opportunities Program presented posters describing their research at the 2023 CSB Undergraduate poster session on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Four of these students earned the F Michael Barrett Award for their excellent presentations.

Yolanda Liu presented research from her CSB397 Research Abroad project in Singapore on “Evaluating the pathogenicity of a rare TNNI2 variant in a family with recurring fetal akinesia”.

Welna He described her results in the Calarco lab on “Functional characterization of RNA-binding proteins and their genetic interactions in the C. elegans PVD neurons”.

Damo Shi presented their results from the Harris lab on “Confinement by Nearby Tissues Mediates Amnioserosa Cell Alignment during Drosophila Embryo Development”.

Vicky Zhi showed the work she did in the Mitchell lab on “Linear Chromatin Proximity Regulates Enhancer-Mediated Expression of Lefty Genes in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells”.

Research abroad by Liu was assisted by the Centre for International Experience. Research by He and Zhi was facilitated by earning prestigious NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards, and Shi’s studies were supported by the coveted University of Toronto Excellence Award.

Thank you to Genna Zunde for all of her hard work in organizing this event. Thank you to Elly Chen, Anna Kozelj and Lisa Matchett for helping with this poster session. Thank you to all the presenters and congratulations to the winners!