Congratulations to Professors in CSB who earned NSERC Discovery and NSERC-RTI grants!

NSERC Discovery Grants

The Discovery Grant program supports ongoing programs of research with long-term goals. These grants recognize the creativity and innovation that are at the heart of all research advances.

Professor Dorotea Godt will probe the “Function of cadherins in microvillus morphogenesis”.

Professor Tony Harris will examine “Roles of plasma membrane folds in the assembly and function of cortical cytoskeletal domains during syncytial Drosophila embryogenesis”.

Professor Qian Lin will “Study the neural mechanisms of reward-based decision making by whole-brain single-neuron recordings in behaving zebrafish”.

Professor Shelley Lumba will use her funding to determine the “Evolution of signalling networks in germination of parasitic and nonparasitic plants”.


RTI grants are the primary avenue for university researchers to obtain support for costly research tools and instruments

Professor Dinesh Christendat will be able to purchase high capacity protein expression and production incubators for his structural biology approaches to understand the functional divergence and regulation of metabolic proteins in plants and microbes.

Professor Jennifer Mitchell will update her transcriptional regulatory element functional genomics equipment.

Professor John Calarco will use his funds for upgrades to an essential imaging platform at our multi-user microscope facility.

Professor Sergey Plotnikov will have the funds to purchase an illumination source for high-resolution live-cell imaging system.

Congratulations to our researchers and thank you to NSERC!