On April 9th, students in CSB497, CSB498 and CSB499 presented the results of their year-long research programs in a virtual talk. Presenters were divided into three breakout rooms for their presentations. Our graduate student volunteers did an excellent job chairing and running the concurrent sessions

Undergraduate Chair Prof Dinesh Christendat felt that this year “We had an impressive number of attendees at each of our concurrent sessions. The quality of the presentations and the discussions were excellent.”

Every year, the F. Michael Barrett Award is given based on who best presented their research and clearly demonstrated their knowledge in response to the judges’ questions.  The winners for the 2020-21 CSB Undergraduate Research Fair are: Alexander Bogatch (Plotnikov lab), Madison Hossack (Yip lab), Olivia Mazzurco (Desveaux lab), Annabel King (Ringuette lab), Kristyna Gorospe (Yoshioka lab) and Tristan Philip (Christendat lab).

Congratulations to all of the students for a job well done and a special congratulations to the award winners. Thank you to our administrative staff, Janet Mannone, Melissa Casco and Nalini Dominique-Guyah who were very active behind the scenes to ensure a successful fair.

The research topics for each student were:

Alexander Bogatch: Challenging the dogma: Regulation of cell migration by calcium signaling

Madison Hossack: A Detailed Analysis of Genetic Mutations in COPA Syndrome

Olivia Mazzurco: Diversification of effector-triggered immunity in the Brassicaceae family

Annabel King: The role of SPARC in regulating lipogenesis in the Drosophila fat body

Kristyna Gorospe: Investigating the effect of phosphorylation on TTM1 protein degradation via the 26S proteasome system

Tristan Philip: The shikimate pathway enzyme DAHPS is allosterically regulated by phenylalanine in the ancient land plant Marchantia polymorpha