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Open Programs

Animal PhysiologyMajor

Cell and Molecular BiologyMajor

Genome BiologyMajor

BiologySpecialist, Major, Minor (administered by EEB)

    • open to all students who have successfully completed at least 4.0 credits in any subject
    • no application for entry
    • no limit to the number of students that enter the program
    • logon to ACORN to enroll in these programs
    • enroll in these programs from 1 March to 22 September 2021

Limited Programs

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BCB)Specialist

Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB)Specialist

For both:

    • apply for entry
    • limited to approximately 30 students in each program per year
    • logon to ACORN to apply and, if accepted, to enroll in these programs
    • the first round of application for these programs is 1 March to 30 April 2021
    • the second round of application is 10 July to 24 August 2021

For BCB:

    • selection based on the average of BIO130H1 + best of CSB108H1 or CSC148H1 or CSC110Y1

OR the average of BIO230H1 + CSC236H1

For CMB:

    • must have completed 4.0 credits including:  BIO120H1, BIO130H1, CHM (135H1, 136H1)/(138H1, 139H1)/CHM151Y1, JMB170Y1/MAT (135H1, 136H1)/MAT137Y1/MAT157Y1
    • must have achieved a minimum grade of 70% in BIO130H1
    • if 70% was not earned in 130, you can apply with a minimum grade of 70% in BIO230H1 or BIO255H1
    • achieving 70% in any of these courses does not guarantee you entry into the programs; it only makes you eligible to apply

Disciplinary Focuses

Molecular Networks of the Cell
Plant Genomics and Biotechnology
Stem Cells and Developmental Biology

Each focus organizes restricted numbers of high-achieving students with interest in one of three major areas of cell and molecular biology that match major research topics in our Department.

    • apply for entry after enrolment in the Cell & Molecular Biology Major or Specialist
    • requires a minimum grade of 80% in BIO130H1
    • if 80% is not earned in 130, you can apply with a minimum grade of 80% in BIO230H1, BIO255H1 or CSB349H1
    • meeting these criteria does not guarantee entry into a focus; it only makes you eligible to apply
    • you can only apply to one focus
    • students are required to complete a subset of related program courses and to participate in a learning community for the focus
    • application deadline: 15 September 2021

The learning community:

    • appears on the co-curricular record based on student participation
    • is led by a CSB faculty member with guest faculty
    • provides community-building, professional development and enriched academics/projects with an emphasis on research
    • student participation in the learning community is required for each year of enrolment in the focus (each student will typically participate in the learning community for 3 years, allowing for student mentoring and multi-year projects)

CSB Research Opportunities

  • Summer research awards: provide funding to students while conducting a research project in a professor’s lab. Included are the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs), the CSB Summer Research Awards and the University of Toronto Excellence Awards (UTEAs)
  • Independent research courses: available to 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students
  • CSB397Y0Y, Research Abroad in Cell & Systems Biology: allows students to do independent research at institutions in Europe or Asia and earn a U of T credit that counts towards their GPA
  • Workshops for independent research students: receive valuable information such as getting started in a lab, planning experiments and interpreting results and preparing research reports and presentations
  • Two poster sessions per year: exciting opportunities for students to inform people about the research they have conducted while being engaged in critical discussion and receiving feedback on their work

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