Students taking our CSB497/CSB498/CSB499 courses earned valuable experience in CSB research labs, gaining skills and knowledge in specific fields including developmental biology, plant biology, and stem cell biology. Our professors welcome the curiosity and questioning that these undergraduates bring to their lab.

Six of these fourth year scientists gave exceptional presentations on the research they performed, and were presented with the F Michael Barrett Award for 2022. Congratulations!

The students, their research supervisor and their topic of research are as follows:

Sarah Robinson (Tepass lab)
Pebble RhoGEF: A characterization of knockdown phenotype with p35 and a genetic screen with Cyst RhoGEF in Drosophila imaginal wing discs

Vamanadev Hiralall (Tropepe lab)
CRISPR/Cas9‐mediated Mutagenesis to Investigate the Role of Musashi1 and ATF3 in Zebrafish Müller Glial Dedifferentiation

Wen Lei (Gilbert lab)
Investigating the Effect of Substrate Stiffness and ECM Tethering Synergy on Myoblast Cell Fate

Miya Tseng-West (Yoshioka lab)
Effects of Beneficial Canadian Soilborne Bacteria on Plant Immunity: Exploring Root Colonization

Enoch McAtee (Mitchell lab)
Identifying cis‐regulatory elements using CRISPR/Cas‐9

Kris Choi (Calarco lab)
Creation and Evaluation of FUS and TDP‐43 Transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Disease Models