Faculty & Research

PhotoLast NameFirst NameResearch AreaResearch Description
AbouHaidarMounir G.Biotechnology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular BiologyVirology. Research interests lie in the area of the molecular biology of plant and human viruses. Development of "transgenic" plants resistant to viruses: mechanisms of resistance. Research interests lie in the area of the molecular biology.
Boonstra Rudy
BrownIan R.Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, NeurobiologyCell and molecular biology of heat shock (stress) proteins in the mammalian nervous system and their role in neurodegenerative diseases.
BruceAshley E.Animal Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Molecular BiologyOur goal is to understand how morphogenesis and embryonic tissue patterning are linked. We use cellular, molecular and embryological techniques to study these questions in the zebrafish embryo.
BuckLeslie T.Animal Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, PhysiologyWe use a comparative neurobiological/physiological/molecular approach to understand how animals survive environmental extremes, in particular how painted turtles and goldfish survive without oxygen for weeks.
ButlerDavid G.Animal Biology, PhysiologyEndocrine control of water and electrolyte balance in vertebrate animals. Hormonal control of water and electrolyte balance in vertebrates; comparative endocrinology of the adrenal cortex.
CampbellMalcolm M.Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Systems BiologyGenome biology - exploring genome-wide responses to environmental stimuli. Interplay of development, epigenetics, transcriptome, & metabolome.
ChangBelinda S.W.Animal Biology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology, NeurobiologyRecreating the evolution of visual proteins in the laboratory; next generation sequencing and computational studies of visual proteins from animals in unusual habitats; mutagenesis studies of visual pigment structure/function
ChengHai-Ying (Mary)Animal Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Psychology & BehaviorCircadian clock mechanisms in mammals; genetic determinants of adult neurogenesis
ChristendatDineshBiotechnology, Metabolomics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Proteomics, Structural BiologyStructural biology approaches to understand the Functional divergence and regulation of metabolic proteins in plants and microbes
ColemanJohn R.Biotechnology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Plant BiologyMolecular biology & biochemistry of photosynthesis
DesserSherwin S.Microbiology, Pathology
DesveauxDarrellChemical Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pathology, Plant Biology, Proteomics, Structural Biology, Systems BiologyThe Desveaux lab is a collaborative group using a variety of experimental approaches to examine “How bacteria cause disease in plants”.
EdwardsElizabeth A.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics, Metabolomics, Microbiology, ProteomicsAnaerobic microbiology and biotechnology
EnsmingerIngoPhysiology, Plant BiologyResearch in the Ensminger lab is focusing on the physiology of plants to understand the molecular, cellular and physiological mechanisms underlying adaptation and acclimation of plants to their environment. In particular we are interested in the mechanisms by which environmental change impacts trees and forests from molecular to species and ecosystem levels. The understanding of these mechanisms is not simply for scientific interest. It addresses some of the fundamental questions in global change research and is indispensable to the justification of how plants will respond to climate change.
ErbSuzanneAnimal Biology, Neurobiology, Psychology & BehaviorThe neurobiology of substance dependence and the relationship between stress and long-term vulnerability to drug use.
EspieGeorge S.Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Plant Biology, Structural BiologyWe are interested in the understanding the structure and function of the cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism and how it affects photosynthetic activity and photoautotrophic growth under a variety of environmental stresses.
Fernandez-GonzalezRodrigoCell Biology, Developmental Biology, Quantitative BiologyCytoskeletal dynamics and mechanical forces in the assembly and repair of epithelial tissues
FitzpatrickMark J.Animal Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Neurobiology, Psychology & BehaviorResearch in my laboratory focuses on the evolutionary genetics of animal behaviour. We focus primarily on the rover/sitter foraging polymorphism found in fruit flies."
FulthorpeRoberta R.Evolutionary Biology, Functional Genomics, Microbiology, Plant BiologyEvolution of catabolic activities in bacteria of soils, waters and the plant endosphere. The role of Recombinase in Trio elements in catabolic gene evolution.
GarsideChristopher S.LecturerI am interested in finding ways to increase student engagement with lecture and laboratory materials by providing students with transferrable concepts and skills.
GazzarriniSoniaCell Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant BiologyMy research interests involve understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate the transition from dormancy to germination and the role that hormones and abiotic stresses play in this processes.
GerlaiRobertGenetics, Neurobiology, Psychology & BehaviorNeurobehavioural genetic analysis of zebrafish with a focus on alcohol effects, social behaviour, learning and memory.
GodtDorotheaAnimal Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular BiologyAnalysis of molecular networks that drive cell shape changes, cell migration, and cell and tissue architecture during animal development
GoringDaphne R.Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant BiologyMy overall research interests are to understand how plant cells communicate through signal transduction pathways to regulate plant growth and development in species in the mustard family (Arabidopsis, Brassica, canola).
GuttmanDavid S.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Microbiology, Pathology, Plant BiologyComparative, evolutionary and functional genomics. Evolution of host specificity and virulence in pathogenic bacteria. Microbiome studies of human and plant diseases.
HarrisTony J.C.Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Systems BiologyWe study how molecular circuits control and coordinate cell polarity, adhesion, cytoskeletal and membrane trafficking machinery to build and re-shape cells during animal development.
HarrisonRene E.Cell BiologyMy lab uses advanced fluorescent imaging to study the cell biology of immune cells and bone cells under normal and pathological states.
HasenkampfClareCell Biology, Genetics, Plant BiologyChromosome interactions during meiosis are the focus of the Hasenkampf lab.
HolmesMelissa M.Animal Biology, Neurobiology, Psychology & BehaviorMy primary research interest is the reciprocal relationship between social interactions and adult plasticity in the mammalian brain.
ItoRutsukoSystems Biology, Psychology & Behavior, Neurobiology, Animal BiologyWe are interested in identifying brain circuits that underlie contextual and affective influences over motivated behaviour, and the neural and neurochemical mechanisms of approach avoidance decision making. We also use animal models of addiction, schizophrenia and depression to establish how approach-avoidance decision making is disrupted in diseased states.
KanelisVoulaStructural BiologyWe study nucleotide binding domains (NBDs) from the sulfonylurea receptors (SURs). The SUR proteins, which are members of the ATP binding cassette (ABC) superfamily of proteins, form regulatory domains of ATP sensitive K+ channels. Mutations in the NBDs of the SUR proteins result in diabetes, hyperinsulinism, and cardiac disorders.
KimJunchulAnimal Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Psychology & BehaviorNeural circuits underlying approach and avoidance behaviours
KohnLinda M.Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Plant BiologyFungal Biology: Systematics, Population Biology, Trophic Interactions, Experimental Evolution, Speciation.
Kronzucker Herbert J.Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Chemical Biology, Metabolomics, Physiology, Plant Biology, Systems BiologyMy laboratory is dedicated to the exploration of transport systems in plants, and the relationship between transport pathways and plant productivity.
LangeAngela B.Animal Biology, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, PhysiologyI am an insect physiologist who studies how the nervous system and visceral tissues communicate and integrate information allowing for coordinated behaviours such as egg-laying, digestion, and circulatory function.
LarsenEllen W.Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Biology, GeneticsDevelopment of foliose lichens, self-organization in development and evolution
LovejoyDavid A.Animal Biology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, PhysiologyIntegrated molecular and organismal neuroendocrinology on the actions of stress on metabolism, reproduction and behaviour
Lovejoy Nathan R.Animal Biology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Functional Genomics, GeneticsI am interested in the relationship between naturally occurring genomic variation and animal function. Current research focuses on the evolution of genes involved in electric signal production in Amazonian fishes.
MartinLorenNeurobiology, Animal Biology, Psychology & Behavior, Molecular Biology, PhysiologyWe investigate the relationship between stress and pain by looking at the neurological changes induced by chronic pain and how cognitive and social factors alter pain sensitivity.
MasonAndrew C.Animal Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Psychology & Behavioracoustic and vibrational communication; complex signals; sensory processing; decision making; signal function and evolution
MasuiYoshioCell Biology, Developmental BiologyControl of cell cycles in development and meiosis in oocytes in animals (1967-2005 no longer continued)
McCourtPeterBiotechnology, Chemical Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Systems BiologyThe laboratory is focused on how hormones regulate developmental responses in higher plants. In particular, we use functional and chemical genomics approaches to dissect abscisic acid (ABA) and strigolactone signaling.
McGowanPatrick O.Animal Biology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Neurobiology, Physiology, Psychology & Behavior, Systems BiologyEpigenetic mechanisms of neurodevelopment and behaviour. Focus on molecular mechanisms that mediate the adaptation to psychosocial stress and complex disease in humans and other species.
McMillenDavid R.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Biotechnology, Quantitative Biology, Synthetic Biology, Systems BiologySystems and synthetic biology. Design, construction, and analysis of synthetic networks (feedback controllers, logical operators, etc.) in microorganisms and (through collaboration) mammalian cells, to alter cellular behaviour from within.
MilsteinJoshua N.Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Quantitative BiologyQuantitative Biology; DNA Dynamics; Super-Resolution Imaging; Mechanobiology
MitchellJennifer A.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular BiologyGenome Folding and Regulation of Gene Expression
MonksDouglas Ashley
MosesAlan M.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Proteomics, Systems BiologyDNA and protein sequences that control gene regulation. Population genetics and molecular evolution of regulatory networks. Development of computational and statistical methods for analysis of large biological datasets.
NambaraEijiBiotechnology, Chemical Biology, Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Metabolomics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Systems BiologyMy research team investigates molecular mechanisms by which plants regulate plant hormone metabolism.
NashJoanne E.NeurobiologyWe employ a multidisciplinary approach to understand the cell and molecular mechanisms underlying neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease. It is hoped that these studies will lead to better treatments for patients suffering from these diseases.
NeumannMelody J.LecturerMy primary research interest is the scholarly and scientific analysis of teaching practices to improve student learning in cell and molecular biology.
O'DayDanton H.Cell Biology, Developmental BiologyMy lab focuses on the role of calmodulin binding proteins in cellular function.
OrchardIanAnimal Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Proteomics
We examine the functioning of the nervous system, using insects as experimental models. We establish the mechanisms by which the nervous system communicates; examining hormonal, synaptic, and modulatory mechanism.
Ouellette B.F. FrancisBioinformatics & Computational Biology, Comparative Genomics, Developmental Biology, Functional GenomicsThe Ouellette group is involved NGS data analysis in cancer, and we try to identify the best tools and methods for the functional genomic interpretation of cancer genome data.
PeeverJohn H.Neurobiology, Physiology, Systems BiologyNeurobiology of brain arousal states
PeisajovichSergio G.Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Synthetic Biology, Systems BiologyOur research is aimed at unraveling the molecular mechanisms that guide the evolution and determine the function of complex signaling networks.
PlotnikovSergey V.Animal Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Quantitative BiologyWe are interested in understanding the mechanisms utilized by mammalian cells to sense and transduce physical inputs from the microenvironment and how cell migration is guided by the mechanical cues.
ProvartNicholas J.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Structural Biology, Systems BiologyBioinformatic tools and analyses for hypothesis generation in plant biology. Wet-lab validation of hypotheses generated using such tools.
RichardsBlake A.Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Developmental Biology, Neurobiology, Psychology & Behavior, Systems BiologyMy lab studies the neurobiology of learning and memory. We take a multidisciplinary, circuit-level approach to examine how neurons encode information about our past experiences.
RiggsC. DanielCell Biology, Comparative Genomics, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant BiologyDevelopmental genetics and meristem biology
RootsBetty I.Cell Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology
RyuWilliamMicrobiology, Neurobiology, Quantitative Biology, Systems BiologyWe are interested in the biophysics of sensory transduction and behaviour.
SenatoreAdrianoEvolutionary Biology, Animal Biology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Functional Genomics, Physiology, ProteomicsOur overarching objective is to understand the phylogenetic diversity and evolution of synaptic transmission. We integrate molecule-level analyses of synaptic protein structure-function, biophysics and pharmacology (e.g. calcium channels) with molecular physiology of early-diverging animals, with systems level research in genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics.
SmithJ.J. BerryPhysiology
SokolowskiMarla B.Prof Sokolowski's lab is interested in individual differences and behaviour and how they arise. They mostly use Drosophila to investigate gene by environment interactions and epigenetics around the regulation of individual differences in foraging, feeding, metabolism as well as learning and social behaviour.
StephensonRichardAnimal Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Psychology & BehaviorRegulation and function of sleep
StewartBryanAnimal Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, PhysiologyOur research is aimed at understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern the function and development of neurons. We use a variety of genetic, molecular, biochemical, imaging and physiological techniques aimed at determining how neurons communicate with other cells.
SubramaniamGopalChemical Biology, Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pathology, Plant BiologyMy Laboratory studies regulation of secondary metabolism and virulence in the phytopathogen Fusarium graminearum.
Takehara-NishiuchiKaoriAnimal Biology, Neurobiology, Physiology, Psychology & BehaviorMy research program aims to understand how the cortical network stores a permanent record of daily experiences and how it deteriorates in memory disorders.
TepassUlrichCell Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Systems BiologyWe study the mechanisms of cell polarity and cell adhesion of epithelial cells during animal development. Our work is relevant for several human diseases, in particular cancer and blindness.
TerebiznikMauricio R.Cell Biology, Microbiology, Structural BiologyMy laboratory specializes in cellular microbiology and cell biology. We investigate different unexplored aspects of the interplay of macrophages, and epithelial cells with intracellular pathogens and toxic fibres like asbestos.
ThieleTodNeurobiology, Psychology & Behavior, Systems Biology
TobeStephen S.Animal Biology, Neurobiology, PhysiologyComparative endocrinology of invertebrates, particularly Arthropods. Reproduction in insects and crustaceans.
TreanorBebhinnCell BiologyMy research focuses on the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling immune cell activation through the development and implementation of cutting edge optical microscopy.
TropepeVincentCell Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, NeurobiologyDevelopmental Neuroscience
VanlerbergheGreg C.Plant BiologyWe investigate the impact of abiotic and biotic stress on plant energy metabolism. We uncover the signature responses of metabolism to stress and elucidate how these responses support stress acclimation.
VarmuzaSusannah L.Developmental Biology, Genetics, Molecular BiologyMy research area is Epigenetics, with a focus on genomic imprinting in mammals and its impact on development.
WelchKenneth C.Animal Biology, Evolutionary Biology, Physiology, Systems BiologyI use and integrative and comparative approach to study the physiology of muscle function, fuel use, metabolism and energetics during locomotion.
WestwoodJ. TimothyBioinformatics & Computational Biology, Developmental Biology, Functional Genomics, Molecular Biology, Systems BiologyThe Westwood lab primarily studies the regulation of gene transcription, using the Drosophila heat shock genes as a model system, as well as post-transcriptional gene regulation during early Drosophila embryogenesis.
WinklbauerRudolfCell Biology, Developmental Biology, Quantitative BiologyWe study the molecular and cellular mechanisms and the tissue mechanical basis of vertebrate gastrulation.
WoodinMelanie A.Animal Biology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology, PhysiologyThe Woodin Lab is focused on discovering the cellular mechanisms underlying inhibitory GABAergic synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus. These discoveries are made by combining cell biology, fluorescence imaging, computer modeling, and electrophysiology and optogenetics.
YangGuojunAnimal Biology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Biotechnology, Comparative Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Synthetic Biology, Systems BiologyMy research aims to understand how mobile genetic elements in genomes shape genome function and evolution.
YeomansJohn S.Neurobiology, Psychology & BehaviorBrain Circuits for Emotions, including Brain-Stimulation and Drug Rewards, Ultrasonic Vocalizations, Fear and Psychoses.
YoshiokaKeikoBiotechnology, Cell Biology, Functional Genomics, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Structural Biology, Systems BiologySignal transduction of stress responses in plants with an emphasis on immunity; environmental effects on pathogen resistance; signal transduction networks in abiotic and biotic stress responses; production of stress resistant plants.
ZhaoRongminDevelopmental Biology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Plant Biology, Proteomics, Systems BiologyThe mechanism of action of molecular chaperones and their roles in plant development, and in organelle functions; the mechanism of regulated protein degradation by the 26S proteasome.
ZovkicIvaNeurobiology, Animal Biology, Psychology & Behavior, EpigeneticsEpigenetic mechamisms of learning and memory in rodents; role of histone variants in memory formation and maintenance; age-related cognitive decline.
PhotoLast NameFirst NameTitleAppointmentGraduate ProgramCampus
AbouHaidarMounir G.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
BarrettMichaelProfessor EmeritusFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
BerlethThomasProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
BruceAshley E.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologySt. George
BuckLeslie T.ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Neuroscience, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologySt. George
ButlerDavid G.Professor EmeritusFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
ChangBelinda S.W.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Genome Biology & Bioinformatics, NeuroscienceSt. George
ChristendatDineshAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
ColemanJohn R.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
DesserSherwin S.Professor EmeritusFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
DesveauxDarrellAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Genome Biology & BioinformaticsSt. George
GarsideChristopher S.Assistant Professor, Teaching StreamFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
GodtDorotheaAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologySt. George
GoringDaphne R.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
GuttmanDavid S.ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Genome Biology & Bioinformatics, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologySt. George
HarrisTony J.C.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
LarsenEllen W.Professor EmeritusFullCell & Systems Biology, NeuroscienceSt. George
LovejoyDavid A.ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Chemical & Physical SciencesSt. George
MasuiYoshioProfessor EmeritusFullCell & Systems Biology, Neuroscience, PsychologySt. George
McCourtPeterProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
MitchellJennifer A.Assistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
MosesAlan M.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
NambaraEijiAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologySt. George
NeumannMelody J.Associate Professor, Teaching StreamFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologySt. George
PeeverJohn H.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
PeisajovichSergio G.Assistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
PlotnikovSergey V.Assistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
ProvartNicholas J.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
RinguetteMauriceAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
RomansPatriciaProfessor EmeritusFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
RootsBetty I.Professor EmeritusFullCell & Systems Biology, NeuroscienceSt. George
SmithJ.J. BerryProfessor EmeritusFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
StephensonRichardAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
TepassUlrichProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologySt. George
TobeStephen S.Professor EmeritusFullCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologySt. George
TropepeVincentAssociate Professor & ChairFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
VarmuzaSusannah L.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
WinklbauerRudolfProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologySt. George
WoodinMelanie A.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
YoshiokaKeikoAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologySt. George
ChengHai-Ying (Mary)Assistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologyUTM
EnsmingerIngoAssistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Genome Biology & BioinformaticsUTM
EspieGeorge S.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTM
LangeAngela B.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTM
O'DayDanton H.Professor EmeritusFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologyUTM
OrchardIanProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Genome Biology & BioinformaticsUTM
SainiHargurdeep (Deep) S.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTM
SenatoreAdrianoAssistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTM
StewartBryanProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTM
WestwoodJ. TimothyAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTM
YangGuojunAssistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental BiologyUTM
BrownIan R.ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, NeuroscienceUTSC
CampbellMalcolm M.ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Developmental Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Forestry, Genome Biology & BioinformaticsUTSC
GazzarriniSoniaAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
HarrisonRene E.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Laboratory Medicine & PathobiologyUTSC
HasenkampfClareAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
McGowanPatrick O.Assistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Neuroscience, Physiology, PsychologyUTSC
NashJoanne E.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience, PhysiologyUTSC
ReidStephenAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
RichardsBlake A.Assistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, NeuroscienceUTSC
RiggsC. DanielAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Chemical & Physical SciencesUTSC
TerebiznikMauricio R.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, PhysiologyUTSC
TreanorBebhinnAssistant ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, PhysiologyUTSC
VanlerbergheGreg C.ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
WelchKenneth C.Associate ProfessorFullCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyUTSC
ZhaoRongminAssociate ProfessorFullCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
EdwardsElizabeth A.ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Genome Biology & BioinformaticsSt. George
Fernandez-GonzalezRodrigoAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologySt. George
KimJunchulAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Neuroscience, PsychologySt. George
MasterEmmaAssociate ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologySt. George
RyuWilliamAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Developmental Biology, NeuroscienceSt. George
SokolowskiMarla B.ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologySt. George
Takehara-NishiuchiKaoriAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, NeuroscienceSt. George
YeomansJohn S.ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologySt. George
GerlaiRobertProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Chemical & Physical SciencesUTM
HolmesMelissa M.Assistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
KanelisVoulaAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
KohnLinda M.ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
LevineJoelAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
MartinLorenAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology,
Neuroscience, Psychology
McMillenDavid R.Associate ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
MilsteinJoshua N.Associate ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
MonksDouglas AshleyAssociate ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTM
ZovkicIvaAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology,
Biology and Behaviour, Psychology
Boonstra RudyProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
ErbSuzanneAssociate ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, PsychologyUTSC
FitzpatrickMark J.Assistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Neuroscience, PsychologyUTSC
FulthorpeRoberta R.ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Genome Biology & BioinformaticsUTSC
ItoRutsukoAssistant ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology,
Neuroscience, Psychology
Kronzucker Herbert J.ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems BiologyUTSC
Lovejoy Nathan R.Associate ProfessorCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology UTSC
MasonAndrew C.Associate Professor & ChairCross AppointmentCell & Systems Biology, Neuroscience, PhysiologyUTSC
Ouellette B.F. FrancisAssociate ProfessorAdjunct AppointmentCell & Systems BiologySt. George
SubramaniamGopalSenior ScientistAdjunct AppointmentCell & Systems Biology
PhotoLast NameFirst NameCampusOfficeLabOffice PhoneLab PhoneE-mail
AbouHaidarMounir G.St. GeorgeESC4057ESC4054416-978-5615416-978-5594mounir.abouhaidar@utoronto.ca
BarrettMichaelSt. GeorgeRW 403ARW403416-978-3488fm.barrett@utoronto.ca
BerlethThomasSt. GeorgeESC4068ESC4066416-946-3734416-946-7441thomas.berleth@utoronto.ca
Boonstra RudyUTSCSW543S426416-287-7419416-287-7442boonstra@utsc.utoronto.ca
BrownIan R.UTSCSW540S536416-287-7413416-287-7411ibrown@utsc.utoronto.ca
BruceAshley E.St. GeorgeRW 606ARW606/
BuckLeslie T.St. GeorgeRW 329BRW328/
ButlerDavid G.St. GeorgeRW 406E416-978-3503david.butler@utoronto.ca
CampbellMalcolm M.UTSCAA 439416-208-4835malcolm.campbell@utoronto.ca
ChangBelinda S.W.St. GeorgeRW 502ARW501/
ChengHai-Ying (Mary)UTMDV3044DV4019905-569-4299905-569-5689haiying.cheng@utoronto.ca
ChristendatDineshSt. GeorgeESC4052ESC4045416-946-8373416-946-8436dinesh.christendat@utoronto.ca
ColemanJohn R.St. GeorgeESC4062ESC4065416-978-2339416-978-0563john.coleman@utoronto.ca
DesserSherwin S.St. GeorgeRW 601C416-978-6956 dessersherwin@gmail.com
DesveauxDarrellSt. GeorgeESC3074ESC3068416-978-7153416-978-3036darrell.desveaux@utoronto.ca
EdwardsElizabeth A.St. GeorgeWB420DWB311416-946-3506416-978-4222elizabeth.edwards@utoronto.ca
EspieGeorge S.UTMDV4053DV4028905-828-5380905-828-5219george.espie@utoronto.ca
Fernandez-GonzalezRodrigoSt. GeorgeRS405416-978-7368rodrigo.fernandez.gonzalez@utoronto.ca
FitzpatrickMark J.UTSCSW558ASW432416-208-2703mark.fitzpatrick@utoronto.ca
FulthorpeRoberta R.UTSCSY348416-287-7221416-287-7223fulthorpe@utsc.utoronto.ca
GarsideChristopher S.St. GeorgeRW206e416-978-7780chris.garside@utoronto.ca
GodtDorotheaSt. GeorgeRW608ARW608/
GoringDaphne R.St. GeorgeESC4029ESC4027416-978-2378416-978-8158d.goring@utoronto.ca
GuttmanDavid S.St. GeorgeESC4041ESC4039416-978-6865416-946-7121david.guttman@utoronto.ca
HarrisTony J.C.St. GeorgeRW529CRW529/
HarrisonRene E.UTSCSW415ASW422416-287-7377416-287-7440harrison@utsc.utoronto.ca
HolmesMelissa M.UTMCCT408DV1025905-828-3956905-828-3874melissa.holmes@utoronto.ca
KimJunchulSt. GeorgeSS4028RW306416-978-4260416-978-3403kim@psych.utoronto.ca
KohnLinda M.UTMDV3047DV4090C905-828-3997905-828-5338linda.kohn@utoronto.ca
Kronzucker Herbert J.UTSCSY264SY270416-287-7436416-287-7427herbert.kronzucker@utoronto.ca
LangeAngela B.UTMDV3033DV3025905-828-3972905-828-3898/
LarsenEllen W.St. GeorgeRW604ARW604416-978-3505ellie.larsen@utoronto.ca
LumbaShelleySt. GeorgeESC4069ESC4065416-978-8262416-978-0563shelley.lumba@utoronto.ca
LovejoyDavid A.St. GeorgeRW305BRW304/
Lovejoy Nathan R.UTSCSW433S331A416-208-4823416-208-7372lovejoy@utsc.utoronto.ca
MasonAndrew C.UTSCSW 421HS 332C416-287-7433416-287-7465amason@utsc.utoronto.ca
MasterEmmaSt. GeorgeWB420CWB319416-946-7861416-978-7566emma.master@utoronto.ca
MasuiYoshioSt. GeorgeRW601D416-978-3493yoshio.masui@utoronto.ca
McCourtPeterSt. GeorgeESC4059ESC4055416-978-0523416-978-0837peter.mccourt@utoronto.ca
McGowanPatrick O.UTSCSW548SW526416-208-5153pmcgowan@utsc.utoronto.ca
McMillenDavid R.UTMDV4056DV5029/
MilsteinJoshua N.UTMDV4053DV 5032905-569-4598905-828-5436josh.milstein@utoronto.ca
MitchellJennifer A.St. GeorgeRW533ARW532/
MonksDouglas AshleyUTMSB3039SB1020905-569-4957905-569-4889ashley.monks@utoronto.ca
MosesAlan M.St. GeorgeESC4073ESC4075416-946-3980416-978-5563alan.moses@utoronto.ca
NambaraEijiSt. GeorgeESC4024ESC4026416-978-4668416-978-1604eiji.nambara@utoronto.ca
NashJoanne E.UTSCS532S529416-287-7445416-208-4833jnash@utsc.utoronto.ca
NeumannMelody J.St. GeorgeRW206cBIO130/
O'DayDanton H.UTMDV2003DV2016905-828-3896905-828-3897danton.oday@utoronto.ca
Ouellette B.F. FrancisSt. George416-673-8511francis@oicr.on.ca
PeeverJohn H.St. GeorgeRW315BRW307/
PeisajovichSergio G.St. GeorgeRW331/
PlotnikovSergey V.St. GeorgeRW332ARW330416-978-1734416-978-3476sergey.plotnikov@utoronto.ca
ProvartNicholas J.St. GeorgeESC3072ESC3078416-978-7141416-946-8149nicholas.provart@utoronto.ca
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